Licensing Process

The California Provisional Licensing Process
Below is a very basic outline of what needs to happen to obtain a California Driver License

Step 1Driver Education
Take and complete driver education. You can do this live, or online. The student will obtain a certificate of completion for the course. This certificate is required by DMV to obtain your permit.  *These certificates are pink or blue in color..

Step 2 Go to DMV
Make an appointment at the DMV.  Write down your appointment time. Before your test gather together the following things: Your certificate of completion of driver education (DL 400B) , birth certificate, Social Security Number, $32 and arrive a few minutes prior to your appointment. The test is 46 questions.

Step 3 Driver Training
Complete 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training with one of our licensed instructors. Obtain the completion certificate (DL 400D) for this course. Minimum waiting time is six months. Your permit is valid for one year after the first try. During this time, the student must have 50 hours of practice with their parents. After all this is complete and the student is at least 16, return back to DMV for the road test.

Step 4 – Go to DMV
Road tests are designed to test your skill and knowledge. Upon passing (85% or better) you will be issued your California Driver License.